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Auto Transporter: how to select one

Auto transporter should be selected well since they will be handling your car without your presence. Proper selection of the auto transporter also ensures that you get a cost effective move and also ensures that you will be compensated in case of any loss or damage to the vehicle during transit. A professional auto transporter is also well experienced in handling of vehicles and therefore will be able to accord you the best service while transporting your vehicle. The following are some of the clarifications that you will have to make with the auto transporter before signing the contract.

It is very important to schedule the pick up and delivery dates with the auto transporter well in advance so as to ensure that everything is in order. You should enquire from the auto transporter where they are willing to pick up and drop off the vehicle since different transporters have their own drop off points. Knowing when and where to pick up the vehicle will protect you from extra holding charges that the auto transporter may be forced to ask from you.

You should also discuss about the payment terms with the auto transporter before signing the contract. Some auto transporters may require you to pay the whole amount in advance while some will only ask for a deposit before the move. You will also be required to ask the auto transporter about the details of the payments in terms of the payment methods since different auto transporters use different payment methods.

Details about how the car will be transported should also be discussed with the auto transporter and you should give him your preferred choice of transport. Since some of the auto transporters use enclosed trailers to carry the car while others use open trailers. You should be in a position to ask the auto transporter for the service that you want. The enclosed car transport will cost you more but it is better since the car is protected from the weather elements and it is also much more secure.

Issues regarding insurance of the vehicle should also be discussed with the auto transporter since the insurance policies vary from company to company. The auto transporter should be willing to disclose to you the type of insurance that they offer and thus you should make a judgment of the best company with this information. You should also get information about how the company settles damage and loss claims which will put you ion a better position to find out the suitability of the company.

You should be able to discuss with the auto transporter the condition of the vehicle before transit. You should also show them documentation of all the damage that the vehicle has which they should sign after conducting their own inspection. This will ensure that you are in a position to make a valid claim against any damage to the vehicle while in transit. You should then check through and verify all the legal documentation with the auto transporter before signing the contract so as to ensure that you have not left anything out.

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