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Moving Insurance, How to Go about It

Moving insurance is essential in protecting items in transit from any damage that might befall them. It is important for you to get moving insurance since it will be able to mitigate incase of any loss or damage of goods while on the move. The following are some of the important facts that you should know about moving insurance in order for you to file for it.

While moving, most moving companies will provide valuation of the goods and not the actual moving insurance. It is however good for you to know about the different types of valuations that are used to determine the premium you are going to pay for getting the moving insurance. There are three types of valuations which are the declared value which is based on the total weight of the item multiplied by a specific amount. There is also the lump some value which based on the value of the items and not the weight. The third type of valuation is the full value protection which compensates for all damage and loss claims through repair or replacement.

The valuation is done by the moving company for several reasons one of which is to determine the type and size of liability that the moving insurance company is supposed to pay in case of damage or loss. Also the moving insurance company is able to determine whether they have an outstanding claim or complaints from its clients. The moving insurance company is also able to establish the maximum value that they are to pay ion case the goods are damaged or lost during the move. Also the valuation exercise is able to help the moving insurance company to estimate the amount of premium that they are going to require from you in order to cover your goods.

Before you engage the services of a moving insurance company, you should be able to keep record of the contract as well as the goods themselves in order for you to be assured of a successful claim in case of damage. You should store records of the weight and size of your goods after placing them on the moving boxes. The quality and any defects on the goods should be recorded so as to be able to verify claims of damage against the moving insurance company. Photos of each piece of the items should also be taken, pointing to details of the inventory. The records should be placed in a secure place where you will be able to get them in case there is a dispute with the moving insurance company about the damage inflicted on your goods.

In case there is damage or loss of the goods in transit, you should know the procedures to take in order to get your compensation from the moving insurance company. In case you are able to spot damage on your goods, a claim should be made within 9 months after delivery of the goods. You should be in a position to produce your copy of the contract agreement with the moving insurance as well as the record of the condition of the goods before and after transit.

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